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COVID-19 – Service updates

We know that those of you who care for family members and friends have found this latest lockdown hard, so please do speak to us if you need any kind of support. Contact Signposts for Carers on 01803 666620 or email Signposts for Carers.

Support: All Carers Services across Torbay are running as normally as possible, using telephone and computer unless it is essential to be face-to-face. Carers’ Health and Wellbeing Checks, back-up planning, 1-1 and emotional support and Bay Benefits are running, but Carers’ Centres are only open for booked appointments rather than drop-ins, so please contact Signposts for an appointment.

We are supporting different ways for carers to get a break from their caring role, improving access to technology, and improving support to people from Minority Ethnic and Refugee / Asylum Seeker backgrounds, so please do contact Signposts.

Regular COVID testing: Unpaid carers can have a supply of twice-weekly ‘lateral flow’ tests (LFT), where you swab yourself at home and have the results in 30 minutes. To express your interest, contact Signposts for Carers, or ring 01803 666620.

Carer COVID vaccination: Hopefully all carers who want vaccination, have now had it. If not, please contact Signposts for the easiest way to do this, as methods change regularly! If the person you care for is invited for either their first or second vaccination, you may request to be vaccinated at the same time, but cannot just turn up on the day.

16 and 17 year old carers: You should have received a booking link from school or Carers Services. If not, please email Torbay Young Adult Carers. Transport costs can be covered.

PPE: Carers are able to access supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) if you cannot source your own, and are providing personal care to someone that lives separately, or if either of you has symptoms of COVID-19. Please contact Signposts on 01803 666620 or email Signposts for Carers for more details.

Torbay Carers Service
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Caring for someone in Devon?

If you care for someone who lives in the Devon County Council area, visit Devon Carers for more information.

Caring for someone in Torbay?

If you care for someone who lives in the Torbay Council area, these pages have a wide range of information.

Does someone rely on you? Are you an unpaid carer?

There are more than 32,000 people across Torbay and South Devon who support a friend or relative. They may be helping with shopping or meals, attending appointments with them, or just making sure that they are alright. They may be an older couple who do things for each other, a parent carer or young carer. They may not see themselves as a ‘carer’ or know about the support available to them.

We believe that all carers are important. We want to actively support and work in partnership with carers, to get the best outcomes for both them and the person for whom they care. Our commitment to this is in our carers policy, and in our action plan which will help us to achieve this.

The first step is to identify yourself as a carer to the people working with the person for whom you care, whether that be a nurse, a community care worker, a GP, a receptionist or someone else.

Are you a carer?

The second step is to find out more about the wide range of information and support available to you. The information on these pages are for carers caring for someone living in Torbay.

Universal Services

For carers in Torbay, many services are ‘Universal Services’ which any carer can access without needing an assessment. You can find in more detail about all of these services on our web pages, and the associated leaflets. We would always suggest that you see a Carer Support Worker at your Doctor’s surgery or at Carers Aid Torbay, or as a minimum call Signposts for Carers on 01803 666620.

Find your Carer Support Worker

Carers Assessment

All carers are entitled to a Carers Assessment to see what support is best for them. For more information see our Carers assessment leaflet, or read more here if you’re interested in self-assessment.

A carer from Torbay was interviewed in March 2016 on Hiblio TV and gave an account of her experience of being a carer. There are many people in Torbay who carry out significant support for others, and it is hoped that this interview will help others to identify the role that they undertake and how the support offered by the Torbay Carers Service can help them to cope better.

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