Carers’ Hospital Passport

Carers are the family members and friends who care for people who cannot manage alone without them, whether because of a disability, frailty, health condition, mental health or drug/alcohol issue. Carers are essential partners in the care of the people they support, so across our Trust we wish to involve them and support them wherever possible.

The Carers’ Hospital Passport enables carers to:

  • Be actively involved in discussions and planning for care and treatment
  • Access free parking when supporting the person they care for 1

At Torbay Hospital:

  • Have discounts on hot meals at Bayview Restaurant
  • Have discount at the Cafe in Main Reception on Level 4

The main carer of an inpatient should be given an orange lanyard to ensure that they are easily identifiable to staff. If the patient agrees, they are able to:

  • Be involved in care, treatment and discharge planning
  • Provide support to the in-patient if they wish*
  • Stay overnight*
  • Visit outside of normal visiting hours*
  • Receive drinks/ food on the hospital round*
  • Be listened to, even if the patient does not want them involved

1 Parking:

  • Torbay Hospital – car park with number plate recognition – take your Carers’ Card to Level 4 Main reception or Outpatient’s reception.
  • Brixham Community Hospital, Castle Circus and Paignton Health and Wellbeing Centre have number plate recognition – take your Carers’ Card to reception.
  • Totnes or Newton Abbot Community Hospitals – place your Carers’ Card on the dashboard of your car.

*Needs to be agreed with ward / department staff

Torbay’s Emergency Card and Devon’s Alert Card can be used as the Carers’ Hospital Passport. If a carer of an inpatient has not yet registered for a card, they can be given a temporary blue card as below. Ask on the ward or at the Advice Point on Level 4 Main reception, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Image: Hospital carers card Image: Carers emergency card Image@ I am a carer card

For more advice contact Signposts on 01803 666620, email Signposts, or ask at the Advice Point on Level 4 main entrance of Torbay Hospital.

    Carers Hospital Liaison Service

    The Carers Hospital Liaison Service offers support to carers while the person they care for is either in hospital or recently discharged. The service will identify needs that you have as a carer and ensure you are able to manage your caring role while the person you care for continues their recovery at home.

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