Carers self-assessment

Every carer is entitled to an assessment of their support needs. A self-assessment is when you complete the carers’ assessment information yourself, and then submit it to someone to make a judgement about the support you need. Most people choose to have a ‘supported self-assessment’ when you fill in as much of the assessment as you want, then have a conversation with a worker about your needs, and then come to a decision together about what would work best for you.

If you want a supported self-assessment, then you can request one from the Carers Support Worker at your doctor’s surgery or from Carers Aid Torbay (01803) 323510 – a local carers organisation. They will undertake a Carers Health and Wellbeing Check (which is our initial carers assessment) with you.

If you would like to do a self-assessment, then you can either download it here, or ring Signposts for Carers (01803) 666620 and ask for a Health and Wellbeing Check to be posted to you.

Carers Health and Wellbeing Check / Self-assessment

Once you have completed your self-assessment, please contact Customer Services (01803) 219700 to agree where you should send your self-assessment, as it will depend where the person you care for lives, and whether they have specialist needs such as mental health. (If there are any problems with this, please contact Carers Services on (01803) 208455).