Carers under 25

Caring can start at any age, so there are separate services for carers aged under 25. We seek to establish whether there is an impact on younger family members when they support people with care and support needs. We will work with those aged between 16-25 to help them to cope better with their caring role.

Watch our ‘Whole family approach’ video

Torbay Young Carers Service is for carers aged below 18 and provides a range of services.

Torbay Young Adult Carers Service is for carers aged 16-25 and provides a range of services including support and activities. Further information can be found in their leaflet, or visit the Torbay Young Adult Carers website. The Torbay Young Adult Carers also have a group page on Facebook; search for Torbay Young Adult Carers (YAC).

Download a copy of the referral form for Young Adult Carers under 25.