Finance, benefits and discounts

There are many financial implications to be aware of when you are a carer, whether it is to do with work or benefits for you or the person you care for, or planning ahead for Power of Attorney etc.

If you would like to speak to someone about your financial situation and explore what financial support is out there for you, Carers Aid Torbay provide financial surgeries in Torquay and Brixham, or the Disability Information Service can provide benefits advice. To find out more contact Signposts for Carers.

Free hospital parking for registered carers

Torbay Hospital was one of the first in the country to agree free parking for carers who are registered with either Devon or Torbay Carers Services when they are supporting the person that they care for. When you are visiting the person you care for as an inpatient or attending an outpatient appointment with them, you will need to park in the public car parks with barriers in order to get the free parking. Take the ticket at the barrier, and then go to either Level 4 or outpatients receptionists. Show them your Carers card, explain which department you are visiting, and they will void your ticket.

For the community hospitals at Totnes and Newton Abbot, if you leave your Carers Card on the dashboard, you will not be charged for parking. Please make sure that this is not for your own appointments as abuse of the system may lead to it being withdrawn.

Further information about all parking concessions at Torbay Hospital.

Torbay Carers discount scheme

If you join Torbay Carers Register, your card can be used as a discount card in many shops, or for free parking in local hospital when supporting the person you care for.

The Torbay Carers discount scheme list contains details of businesses that may be willing to offer discounts on their services on production of the Torbay Carers Emergency Card. Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust do not endorse any such businesses or accept responsibility for any particular faults or problems with goods or services purchased by individuals, or liability in respect of provision and delivery of the same. We believe these businesses are acting in good faith and the discounts are likely to be a genuine benefit.

Map of all services offering discount

This information is correct at time of being published, however details may change. Feel free to check with the supplier or Signposts for Carers on 01803 666620 or email Signposts for Carers beforehand.

National discounts for carers

Discounts for Carers is a dedicated discount service for all carers – paid and unpaid – covering everything from shopping to holidays.

To sign up or for further information, visit Discounts for Carers.