Looking after yourself

When you are a carer, it is very important to remember your own health and wellbeing, both for your own sake and that of the person you care for.

  • Take time to yourself.
  • Have a health and wellbeing check at your GP Practice.
  • Talk to someone.
  • There are groups across the bay that cater for all ages, contact Signposts for Carers for more details.
  • You may need emotional support relating to your caring role.
  • There are a range of courses to help carers to manage the care they provide and their own health and wellbeing better such as managing stress or manual handling.
  • If your situation is complex, then a carer’s assessment can help you work out what support you might need.
  • Protect yourself and the people you care for by getting your flu and COVID vaccinations.

The following short videos are aimed at providing you with information relevant to supporting you to look after yourself better. In addition to this NHS England have developed a Practical Guide to Healthy Caring which contains tips and practical steps to managing your caring role in the best way possible.

Looking after yourself: Self help for carers

Stress management for carers