Strategy, policy and quality

Torbay’s carers’ strategy (plan)

Many organisations in Torbay understand that carers are very important. They want to work together to support them.

Every 3 years, they ask carers what is important to them, then make a plan to work together to achieve this. Healthwatch Torbay, and Engaging Communities South West surveys the carers. This encourages carers to speak freely and makes sure the report is independent.

You can see the results of the last survey below. This helped shape Torbay Carers Plan for 2021-24

Carers’ strategies

Each plan includes actions and targets for the organisations. We review and then publish them quarterly.

Action plans

Torbay’s Young Carers Under 25 strategy

Many of Torbay’s organisations also work together to support young carers under 25.

Commitment to carers

We have promised to improve carer identification and support. It has signed up to the 7 principles of the Devon-wide commitment to carers:

  1. Identifying carers
  2. Effective support for carers
  3. Enabling carers to make informed choices about their caring role
  4. Staff awareness
  5. Information-sharing
  6. Respecting carers as expert partners in care
  7. Supporting carers whose roles are changing or who are more vulnerable

The commitment is based on the Triangle of Care. This is where professionals treat the person and their carer as expert partners in care.

Graphic: The Triangle of Care showing the service user, carer and professionals on each point and their relationship to each other

Feedback about quality of carer support

As well as measuring achievement of action plans, we also really value carers’ opinions.

We have trained a group of carers and former carers to be carer evaluators. They interview carers about their experiences. We use this information to improve future carer support. Here are some examples of their work.

Ask us about being a carer evaluator.

Healthwatch also record feedback about health and social care services. Review the Carers Service.