Making gifts to our children’s ward

Making gifts to our children’s ward (Louisa Cary, including our Young Person’s Unit) or to John Parkes Unit (including the Child Development Centre).

We are always very grateful when people offer gifts to our children’s services. You can ensure that your gift is extra welcome if:

  • Any baby or toddler toys being given are safe, clean and in good condition, and can be easily washed or cleaned between use on the ward.

  • Any books games or puzzles being given are all complete (to save tears!).

  • No war-related toys are included, thanks eg. guns or soldiers.

  • Any soft toys are brand new (this is because of the infection risk they carry if they have been used at all).

  • There’s nothing too large, thanks, such as garden toys or sit-on and ride-on toys (we just don’t have the room!)

  • You choose to remember our older children as well. We particularly welcome activity resources, such as art and craft kits, to help keep them occupied.

  • None of them are wrapped, thanks. We have to check safety and suitability before giving them to the children in our care. Wrapping paper can always be included for us to wrap your gifts for you, if you wish.

  • There’s not too much chocolate included, thanks. When children are in hospital, and unwell, we can usually only give them a limited number of sweets and chocolate.

  • You could pre-arrange with us the time and date when you’d like to deliver your gift, and let us know if you’d like to invite a press photographer.

  • Not too many people come together to deliver the gift. It can be overwhelming for the children. We also need to be able to ensure that important nursing and medical care can carry on normally.

  • You can ensure that no-one helping to deliver the gift has been poorly in the last 48 hours. This is so that you don’t unknowingly bring an infection with you onto the ward.

  • You please observe hand hygiene on entering the hospital, and on entering and leaving the ward. Hand gel is provided at the doors.

  • You please don’t expect to be able to give a gift to each child. As you might imagine, some of the children we are caring for may be too poorly or their parents prefer them to have peace and quiet. Our staff will always do their best to find some children who are well enough.

To contact us to arrange the time/date or to check anything else with us, please ring either the Louisa Cary Ward on 01803 655526 (ask for the Ward Manager) or the John Parkes Unit on 655958 (ask for the Ward Sister).

Louisa Cary Ward cares for children and young people from across South Devon between the ages of 0 to 18 years needing medical, surgical or other in-hospital care. It looks after several hundred children each year.

John Parkes Unit provides assessment, developmental support and day care, inpatient and respite care for children and young people up to their 19th birthday with special needs and long-term conditions.