Clinical Psychology

Hengrave House
Torbay Hospital
Lowes Bridge
Torquay TQ2 7AA

Tel: 01803 654573
Fax: 01803 615767

It is known that psychological issues play an important role in most health conditions and by dealing with these we can improve health outcomes as well as the patient’s quality of life and their well-being. Ignoring these factors can have a negative effect on the outcome for the patient.

Clinical Health Psychology is a particular specialty within the wider field of Clinical Psychology. Those of us who work in this specialty do not limit ourselves just to depression and anxiety as factors affecting health difficulties. We use an approach where we consider biological (the body), psychological (the mind) and social (other people) factors to understand the effect these can have on our health and how our health can affect our body, our mind and other people.

The Clinical Health Psychologists based within the Trust (currently 14 whole time equivalents) provide a specialist and expert service that aims to treat everyone fairly and take into account the clear links between physical and psychological functioning. Some have in-depth knowledge about specific health conditions (eg. pain, respiratory medicine, obesity, critical care) as well as being able to focus on more general physical health issues ( eg. medically unexplained symptoms, long-term health conditions, health anxiety, preparation for surgery and post surgical care, post traumatic stress symptoms associated with medical procedures and conditions)

As a department based in the hospital, we have the advantage of working together and using well developed relationships with our colleagues from other departments. We can follow those patients who have had an inpatient stay through their healthcare journey after discharge as well as provide healthcare to those referred from primary care and hospital colleagues.

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