The Neuropsychology Service provides assessment and rehabilitation for people who have thinking problems as a result of a brain injury or neurological illness. We use pen and paper tests to help patients and professionals build an understanding of the nature of changes in thinking and to explain the everyday difficulties that people may experience. Typical areas for assessment might include memory, concentration, language, or planning and decision making. Test results are routinely shared with patients to build up a shared understanding of the problem

Rehabilitation may involve practising skills which have been affected in order to improve them, but can also be about using aids, changing the environment or changing the approach to an activity to help someone to be more independent. For many people it is important that an understanding of their difficulties is shared with other professionals, or with families and carers, and so the service is often involved in working jointly with others. Help can be offered to manage the emotional and behavioural consequences of an illness or injury, and at times this involves meeting with our colleagues in mental health services. We are also available for consultation and advice.

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