The Chronic Pain Team includes specialist consultants, physiotherapists and clinical psychologists who work together to help patients cope with the impact of living with ongoing pain.

Although many patients will gain good quality pain relief from either changes in their medication or simple procedures, there is no guarantee about how significant or long-lasting the benefit might be. As a team, our focus is therefore on understanding the complexity of an ongoing pain problem and providing information and support to help improve patients’ quality of life. A patient’s first appointment will be either with a pain consultant or a pain physiotherapist, who can then refer on to the specialist pain psychologist if they feel their input would be helpful.

As psychologists, we draw on a range of approaches which include cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing, hypnotherapy and motivational interviewing. Treatment can therefore be tailored to each patient’s individual needs. We also have an understanding of the neurophysiology of pain, which can be used to help the patient understand what’s happening in their body and the interaction between mind and body.

As the team meet weekly to discuss complex cases, consultation with or referral to other professionals within the team can be achieved smoothly.

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