Day Surgery Unit

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Level 2
Torbay Hospital
Lowes Bridge
Torquay TQ2 7AA

Tel: 01803 655508

Director of Day Surgery Unit / Consultant Anaesthetist: 01803 654047


The majority of day surgery in Torbay Hospital is performed in the Day Surgery Unit, which opened in October 1995. There are currently over 9000 patients a year treated here, with approximately 80% having a general anaesthetic. The place of day surgery is now firmly established and most patients prefer this option wherever possible. Safe practice and patient satisfaction are the guiding principles.

The unit provides a very pleasant environment for patients undergoing minor and intermediate surgery in:

It also undertakes:

  • Chronic pain work
  • Dental sedation work
  • Dermatology lists
  • Paediatric Exodontia lists (General Anaesthetic)
  • Special needs adult restorative dental work (General Anaesthetic)


Many patients now have the opportunity to see a Unit nurse for pre-assessment before the day of surgery. The nurse assesses the patient’s social circumstances and general medical condition and arranges any investigations. If there is doubt about a patient’s medical suitability, an anaesthetist is consulted. Patients are given verbal and written information at the time of their visit. Patients seem to appreciate this opportunity to speak to a nurse, see the Unit and find out what plans they need to make.

After surgery

The patients and carers are given details so that they can contact the hospital after discharge, should they need any advice or have any unexpected problems.

The majority of our patients are contacted the day after surgery by a Unit nurse. They are asked specific questions about symptoms such as pain and given advice on how to deal with any problems. They are also asked if they have had to contact anyone overnight and if they are satisfied with their admission. All responses are looked at daily and collected on a database for analysis.


We give audit a high priority and our IT system in the Unit has enabled us to develop a unique audit system. Audit of patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, post-operative recourse to primary care services and organisational issues is an integral part of our practice. Individual patient responses are reviewed daily, Unit activity monthly, and specific issues as required.


Children form a significant part of the Unit’s workload and in the last 12 months over 1,000 children have undergone some form of surgery here – many of whom would previously have stayed in hospital. The feedback from parents shows a very high level of satisfaction.

To help prepare children for their visit to the day surgery unit, we have produced a series of videos.

Overnight stays

No-one, of course, adult or child, is denied a bed if they feel unable to go home, though this is not often necessary. Through active audit, areas of practice that are not suitable for day surgery are identified and thereby the current high standards of practice and patient satisfaction are maintained.

Information for patients

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