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Orthodontics is the dental specialty involved in monitoring the growth and development of the face and the teeth. Improvements in the functioning and the health of the mouth, and in the appearance of the teeth are brought about using braces. For some patients, the orthodontist can choose the best time to ask the dentist to take out some teeth, or ask his hospital colleagues to perform a small operation. This will allow the other teeth to grow the best they can, reducing or hopefully avoiding the need for complex bracework later on.

What is the purpose of the Orthodontic service at Torbay?

The purpose of the Orthodontic service is to:

  • Provide diagnosis and treatment planning for referring dentists to treat their own patients in their own practices.
  • Review patients and monitor development following interventions (see above).
  • Provide treatment within the department for complex cases.

What type of treatment is provided?

  • Fixed braces (“train-tracks”) are most often used.
  • Removable braces (“clip-in”) are used for some patients.
  • Occasionally, some patients are treated in combination with the surgeons, when an operation is needed.
  • Some patients are treated in combination with the Restorative Dentistry Department, especially if they were born with very few teeth, or have had gum disease in the past.

Is there any cost for Orthodontic treatment?

There is no cost for NHS treatment.

Who oversees the Orthodontic service?

There are 2 Orthodontic Consultants.

How can I be seen in the Orthodontic department?

Your dentist must refer you to one of the consultants.

Patient advice leaflets

There are leaflets available for each speciality via National Bodies/Groups which are listed in our useful links.