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Diabetes clinics (consultant and nurse-led) are held either at the TAIRU site in Torbay Hospital or at the outpatient department at Newton Abbot Hospital.

All diabetes annual reviews take place in primary care at local surgeries. This allows our hospital-based clinics to focus on more targeted problems or specialist issues relating to diabetes care.

Patient education is a key component of diabetes care. At Torbay, we offer a comprehensive package of education for type 1 diabetes. This includes LIBRA, a course for newly-diagnosed people with type 1 diabetes or those requiring an update on basic principles, and TIFA (Torbay Insulin Food Adjustment), a more advanced course based on Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating (DAFNE) principles covering intensive insulin therapy and carbohydrate counting.

We also support a programme of community-based type 2 diabetes education across the South Devon area with members of our multidisciplinary team being involved in group education for newly-diagnosed people with type 2 diabetes.

Videos to support people with diabetes

We hope that the videos on this page will help you to manage your diabetes. If you have any questions, please ask your doctor or Diabetes Nurse.

What is Diabetes?

What are the possible complications when you have Diabetes?

What health checks do you need when you have Diabetes?

Living with Type 2 diabetes

Healthy eating in diabetes: The importance of managing your carbohydrate intake

Healthy eating in diabetes: The importance of managing your fat intake

Sick day rules for people with diabetes

Giving an insulin injection using an insulin pen

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