Healthy Living with type 2 diabetes information for referrers

There is strong evidence about group education courses – often referred to as ‘structured education’ – that shows they:

  • significantly improve long-term glycaemic control and therefore reduce the onset of devastating complications, such as amputation, blindness and kidney failure
  • significantly improve quality of life and self-management skills
  • are cost-effective and can even save the NHS money by reducing the onset of costly complications.

As a result, diabetes education courses are recommended by NICE and, in Scotland, SIGN, and Diabetes UK.

This course is only for people with confirmed type 2 diabetes over the age of 18 who are not pregnant. Please complete the below referral form (click to open).

    Please complete the following patient details:

    Is the patient able to access information online and via an app?

    Are there any additional support needed? Please notify us of any requirements that will impact on group delivery, e.g. mobility, sensory loss, language barrier.

    Are there any special conditions? e.g. Malabsorption states, Inflammatory bowel disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, Eating disorders, Food intolerances, Renal disease, BMI < 20.

    Are there any known risks regarding this patient?

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    Once the team receives your referral form we will send you an email confirmation with details of your booking and further course information. If you have not received an email within a week of completing the booking form please check your junk folder as sometimes the email can go there.

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    Formulary guidance for Healthy Living with type 2 diabetes

    Please visit the South & West Devon Formulary and Referral ‘Healthy Living with Type 2 Diabetes‘ pages.

    Promotional material

    Come and see what we do

    We welcome referrers who would like to come along and see what the course involves.

    If you know what is involved it can be easier to see its value and encourage your patients / service users to attend.

    If you would like to arrange shadowing or have any questions about the healthy living with type 2 diabetes course or anything you would like to discuss about this then please email Torbay Lifestyles.

    Diabetes Prevention Programme

    We do not run the National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP). For further guidance, please visit:

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