Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Level 2
Torbay Hospital
Lowes Bridge
Torquay TQ2 7AA

Tel: 01803 655134
Appointments: 01803 656324


We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting parts of the head and neck.

Some examples of the illnesses we deal with:

  • all conditions of the ear – hearing loss, infections and other conditions.

  • conditions of the nose – injuries to the nose, deformities of the nose, cosmetic nasal surgery, nasal allergies, nasal blockage, sinus infections and tumours of the nose and sinuses.

  • conditions of the throat – inflammations of the throat, such as tonsillitis, snoring, swallowing disorders, voice disorders, and tumours of the throat and larynx.

  • head and neck diseases – swellings in the neck, arising in the lymph nodes of the neck, salivary glands, developmental disorders, cysts, thyroid disorders and tumours arising in the tissues of the neck.

A 24-hour emergency service is provided for all patients requiring ENT intervention, following either referral from a general practitioner to a member of the medical staff or via a referral from the Emergency Department (A&E).

Torbay Hospital offers full inpatient and outpatient service with the exception of complex neuro-otological, craniofacial and paediatric otolaryngological cases requiring paediatric intensive care, on an elective basis. Outpatient Clinics are also held at Dartmouth Clinic, Newton Abbot Hospital; Teignmouth Hospital; Totnes Hospital.

Audiological support is provided to the majority of Outpatient Clinics.

Special interests

The Unit provides a service for the whole spectrum of otorhinolarynological disease, including Head & Neck Oncology (working in close co-operation with the Maxillofacial Department).

In addition, members of the department have special interests in:

  • rhinology and endoscopic sinus surgery
  • head and neck cancer surgery with reconstruction
  • otosclerosis
  • voice disorders
  • bone-anchored hearing aids
  • audio vestibular assessment.
  • salivary gland disease
  • thyroid disease

The Audiology Department manufactures aids on site and provides an extensive domiciliary support network, and supports the Community Hearing Assessment Clinics on a regular basis.

Special clinics include:

  • the joint Head & Neck Oncology clinic (held in conjunction with the Departments of Clinical Oncology, Plastic Surgery, Radiology, Speech Therapy, Dietetics, Maxillofacial Surgery and Ophthalmology);
  • a specialist Voice Clinic with full laryngographic and video stroboscopic facilities.
  • the joint Thyroid Clinic
  • the Audio-Vestibular to rehabilitate and teach patients how to cope with vertigo and dizziness.

The unit also:

  • provides a full post-laryngectomy speech rehabilitation service and is part of the Joint Dysphagia Assessment Group (a multidisciplinary team co-ordinating the assessment and management of patients with swallowing disorders);
  • collaborates with the Paediatric Department in running the Joint Clinic for the assessment and management of children with chronic hearing disabilities.