Support videos

Falls are a real risk for the elderly and as part of our care and treatment programmes, we have prepared some videos that will support people who are at risk of having a fall.

We hope that you will be able to share these videos with your friends, family and carers so that it makes their life, and your life, a little easier.

If you have any questions, the main Falls page will provide you with more details about our services, and who to contact.

Preventing a fall: An introduction

Preventing a fall: Thinking about the individual

Preventing a fall: Using your senses

Preventing a fall: Creating the right environment

Preventing a fall: The power of exercise and fitting footwear

Preventing falls in a hospital or care home

How to cope if you have a fall

If you worry about falls, even if you have not had any, complete a self-assessment on the ‘Welcome to Steady on Your Feet Devon‘ website, which gives hints, tips and advice to prevent and reduce falls.