What to do if a fall occurs

  • If you fall, wait a moment, stay calm and try to check for injuries.

  • Try to summon help – Shout or bang on the wall, or if possible crawl to the telephone. An emergency response system would prove invaluable in these circumstances.

  • Assess the situation – Decide if you can get up. If you are hurt and think you cannot get up:

  • Rest and wait

  • Move to a safe surface – If you have fallen on a hard surface, try and move to a carpeted area.

  • Keep warm – Try to cover yourself and try to move out of draughts.
  • Keep moving – Don’t lie in one position for too long, roll from side to side and move your arms and legs if possible to keep warm.

    If you think you can get up:

    1. Roll onto your hands and knees
    2. Crawl to a stable piece of furniture such as a bed or chair
    3. Place your hands onto the bed or chair for support
    4. Place one foot flat on the floor bending your knee in front of your tummy
    5. Lean forward. Push onto your hands until you bring the other foot beside the first
    6. Turn and sit on the bed or chair
    7. Rest a while before getting ups

Support video

How to cope if you have had a fall

The ambulance service also have some helpful advice.