Peer Connect

The Peer Connect study is running alongside the Health Connect Coaching Programme specifically with people who attend rheumatology, chronic pain and multiple sclerosis clinics at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. If you attend any of these clinics, the Health Connect Coaching programme coordinators will ask you to be part of the research to help us assess and further develop the programme.

The study is being run by the University of Plymouth and is termed a feasibility study as it is a small study run to see if our plans for conducting the research work in practice and are acceptable to the people involved. Findings will help us decide whether or not a larger research trial is possible and how best to do it. This would enable us to establish if the Health Connect Coaching Programme is effective. The study is being funded until spring 2023 by the Torbay Medical Research Fund.

Information sheets

If you are interested or have any questions or would like to find our more please see the University of Plymouth – Peer Connect study page.