Change4Life Weight Management

Who is this programme for?

This free programme is designed for people who live in Torbay, are overweight (BMI of 25kg/m2 or more) and are aged 16 or over. If you are fed up of ‘yo-yo’ dieting and the empty promises of quick fix diets then this is the programme for you.

What can you expect from this programme?

The programme is delivered by Dietitians and Behaviour Change Facilitators who provide up to date dietary and lifestyle advice. We will also support you with setting realistic and achievable goals that work towards sustainable weight loss. You will be given the opportunity to privately weigh at each session and discuss your progress. The programme consists of 12 weekly sessions; each session typically lasts for an hour and a half. The sessions are educational, interactive and cover a variety of different topics. Examples include energy balance, portion sizes, food labelling, menu planning and physical activity. We also encourage group discussion which can include problem solving.

If you are interested in the programme and are ready to make positive lifestyle changes then contact The Healthy Lifestyles Team on 0300 456 1006 or discuss with your GP or Practice Nurse.

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