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The impact the HOPE Programme can have on an individual is truly astonishing, and to celebrate the success of the programme we would like to share with you some of the feedback we have received from people who have attended the course. If you are having doubts about booking yourself on to the course, we hope this encourages you to take that brave first step.

The HOPE course was fantastic! It was even better than I’d hoped it would be! Thank you again so much for managing to fit me in.

I know this might sound cliche or OTT but the course really has been life-changing for me!. Yes, I still have pain and I’m still severely fatigued pretty much all the time but I finally have high hopes for my future again. And I finally feel like I’m moving in the right direction with both my physical and mental health after so long of feeling stuck and lost. Having gone to a dark place just before the course began, it feels so wonderful to be able to feel optimistic and positive again. And to feel like I’m beginning to slowly but surely recover.

Wendy and Deborah were wonderful! They made me feel completely comfortable talking about things without fear of being judged or ridiculed. I wish the course could continue to be honest because it was so helpful every single week.

The structure of each session was great as we were taught coping strategies and ways to pace, then given time to discuss how we all felt, and it was invaluable to know other people were feeling the way I’ve been feeling too. That was probably what made the biggest difference for me – finally being believed and understood.

Other than the people I met on the course, who I hope to stay in touch with when Wendy sends out the email for us all, I don’t know anyone else with Long Covid, so this course felt like a lifeline for me. My family have always been very supportive thankfully, but speaking with people who actually feel the same was amazing.

I’ve learnt far more about pacing than I knew before. I’ve learnt ways to monitor my recovery and how things are progressing physically and mentally, which means I can now spot when I’m heading in the wrong direction before it becomes too late (incredibly helpful). I’ve been given hope (as cheesy as that sounds) and I honestly can’t thank you, Wendy, Deborah, all of the friends I made on the course and everyone else involved in making this happen enough. Thank you, from my heart. When my doctor seemed unable (and at times unwilling) to help, this course gave me everything I need to keep moving forwards. Thank you all.

Natalie (Virtual HOPE Programme for people living with the symptoms of Long Covid – August 21)

Thank you once again to the HOPE programme. It has been the only thing I have been offered from my GP and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of it.

Louisa (Virtual HOPE Programme for people living with the symptoms of Long Covid – March 21)

Thanks so much to Rosie, Becky and Liv for organising and facilitating this course. I feel very lucky to have been part of the group every Monday and have really enjoyed it. I hadn’t been able to do any Zoom or online meetings since last March due to screens making my head worse and had felt quite isolated. Rosie suggested listening like a podcast on week 1 when I was panicking and I immediately felt less pressure and was able to continue with the group which I am really grateful for. I have found a lot of the suggestions like gratitude really helpful tools and will try to continue to do that each day or when I’m having a negative moment! I’ve found it a really supportive, positive and at times fun experience. Thanks to all. Hope to keep in touch and wishing you all well xx

Jane (Virtual HOPE Programme for people living with the symptoms of Long Covid – March 21)

Having long term conditions can knock you off balance but the HOPE Programme gently encourages you back on course. Gratitude, problems floating away on leaves and self-compassion (among other things) go a fair way to helping you to find your way back to your center, allowing you to be in more control of your life, especially in lockdown. Other participants and facilitators offer you encouragement to achieve your goals and there is a real feeling of community and support. It has made a difference to my life. Thank you.

Andrew (Digital HOPE Programme)

I felt very emotional yesterday after completing the last session of the HOPE programme. Over the past 6 weeks it has honestly been a real pleasure to be part of this group as everyone has been so friendly, honest, kind, thoughtful and welcoming.

First of all, I would like to thank Liv Weight very much for organizing and booking the HOPE programme and being so efficient and helpful with any questions I had and replying back promptly. Nothing seemed too much trouble. She even helped me set up and do a test run of Microsoft Teams as I had never used it before.

I would also like to thank Becky and Rosie so much for being such amazing facilitators. From the very first session, they put everyone at ease and brought a lot of humour each week which made me smile, something that I hadn’t done for a very long time!! The sessions felt nice and relaxed and I really appreciated being given a choice whether we wanted to share any opinions or not. We were all given the opportunity to speak if we wanted to, but didn’t feel pressured that we had to. Each session was very informative, yet fun and we have been given some great tools to work with going forward to help with our recovery. There was a really good balance of information, discussion, visual and imagery, which kept it interesting. The facilitators always helped to come up with solutions to people’s difficulties and was there to listen and offer their support at all times.

I feel truly blessed to have been part of this group and everyone was so so lovely and supportive of each other. It was humbling how honest and open each person was especially when we were probably feeling the most vulnerable. It was really nice to talk to others who knew exactly how we was feeling. I feel sad the group sessions are now over and I will miss them, but I do hope we will stay in touch and connected and I truly wish everyone light at the end of the tunnel and a positive road to recovery.

Your feedback is invaluable, if you have attended a HOPE course we would love to hear what you thought! Please take some time to leave a review on our HOPE Facebook page.

A huge thank you from the HOPE Team.

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