HOPE feedback

The impact the HOPE Programme can have on an individual is truly astonishing, and to celebrate the success of the programme we would like to share with you some of the feedback we have received from people who have attended the course. If you are having doubts about booking yourself on to the course, we hope this encourages you to take that brave first step.

Although some of my pain is still the same, attending course did help me more in a mental health way. I feel more positive on some things, whilst I did know some of the things we talked about – I felt it almost gave me permission not to worry so much about some things, to say no, to rest instead of trying to do everything, I really felt it made me think that “It’s ok …. to put myself first sometimes, to rest, to say no, to not feel I need to have a big list of things to do, to just relax, even to say when I am in pain instead of saying I’m ok all the time”. Also I really enjoyed the way that the facilitators led the discussion each time and helped us in the group to be able to talk and say how we were feeling, or what we thought. It was nice as well to be in a small group and get to know the other ladies a little. I was so happy to be able to do the course via technology because I live a long way away and so would never have been able to attend in person.

This course has given me the confidence and tools necessary to continue living alongside multiple physical and mental health conditions. I no longer “suffer” from these conditions but instead I have learnt how “live alongside” them. Genuinely blown away with how much this course has helped me and I’ve made some great friends along the way! Thanks to the whole team for their continued support and I’ll look forward to catching up soon.

I just wanted to say a huge big massive thanks to the Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust Hope Programme for allowing me to participate. It truly has been an honour and privilege to have been able to take part. I have learnt so much and have the worksheets now to refer to for inspiration, advice and guidance. It has made me appreciate the priorities in my life of being kinder to myself, to value the incredible support network of my wonderful family and friends, and the importance of keeping my mind and body fit and healthy.

This experience has been a life saviour for me.

I’ve never felt so supported and I’ve gained friendships with people who understand, thank you.

Since week 5 my husband and son, who came to visit, have noticed my hair has regrown, it was falling out in clumps back in January but since being on the programme this hasn’t happened and it looks thicker again.

It has helped me to know I am not alone.

I actually remembered how to laugh again.

Connecting with encouraging and supportive people regularly really boosted my confidence and self-esteem. Knowing I am not alone facing life’s challenges, meeting strong and courageous people sharing their experiences and wisdom, was so inspiring and certainly helped me move areas of my life forward.

HOPE turned out to be a new and enlightening experience for me and without trying to over exaggerate, it really has started a new and more positive chapter in my life, give it some time and embrace everything and I promise you it will make a change to you.

I found the HOPE Programme made a tremendous difference to me when I put what the facilitators had told us about into practice. I became more confident and much keener to get the best out of life.

Absolutely superb, the support and friendliness of the team is very kind! The tasks they give you are life changers, wish this group was there for everyone.

Your feedback is invaluable, if you have attended a HOPE course we would love to hear what you thought! Please take some time to leave a review on our HOPE Facebook page.

A huge thank you from the HOPE Team.

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