What can I expect from HOPE?

Letters of encouragement and advice from past Hope attendees

Dear Attendee,
I know you may be apprehensive, I was too. The group and instructors soon put you at ease and make you feel you are not alone. Sharing your concerns and listening to others really does make a difference and the essential ‘tool kit’ has a positive effect on everyday life and moving forward.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Sending you all the best wishes,

Dear HOPE attendee,
I wanted to write to you to send you my support in attending the HOPE programme and to let you know that you are taking the first step towards improving or overcoming, some of the things that you might find challenging now. I know that this is a scary step and that sometimes it feels like you have lived with things for long enough already so you might as well continue to, but trust me when I say only positive things will come from attending this course.

I felt really nervous at the first session and was worried about what other people might think of me, but the facilitators were so warm and welcoming I instantly felt supported. Each week I came away feeling more empowered to tackle some of the challenges I was facing and it was comforting to know that others who attended the course were facing similar struggles, but together we supported each other to improve and overcome these. The results for all of us who attended the course showed that things had improved significantly and I continue now to reflect and use the strategies I have learnt to improve my life and the way that I overcome problems.

Sending you all the very best wishes

Dear Friend,
I feel I can call you friend because maybe I have had/have some of the feeling and emotions you’re experiencing. I am not sure if you are a carer for someone or you are mentally or physically not in a good place at the moment. When asked would I like to go to the HOPE course with the others I thought “why”. The reason why, I was gently told, was because I felt angry, frightened, guilty and knew I couldn’t cope. How right.

I arrived and sat in a room with people just like me looking around thinking “what am I doing here!?” When asked how we felt, we all said sad, negative and unhappy things. However, at the end of our first HOPE get together I felt like I was with people who understand!

At the end of the six weeks of HOPE we all, and I do mean all, felt positive about handling our situations better. Our chats, tears and laughter made us all good and trusted friends. We now meet up once a month and catch up re our lives. Our situations are all different – mine, I am disabled and care for my very sick partner who has that shocking illness of no return, one called ‘Motor Neuron Disease’. Due to HOPE my handing of the situation is so much better, because of that my darling is so much more relaxed and, dare I write, less stressed.

Please, please go to the HOPE Programme, it is wonderful and fantastic. It is your turning point!

Best wishes, love and light,

Dear Attendee,
Congratulations on joining the HOPE Programme. You are on the first step to empowering yourself to tackle the challenges you are facing.

I’m not going to lie you will be feeling nervous, scared and a little unsure as to what this is all about, but believe me it is so worth sticking with. Each week you will gain strength no matter how small to move forward in tackling your challenges.

The HOPE Programme has made me realise that my challenges were controlling me and gave me the tools and understanding to take that power back.

You and everybody else on the course will start off as strangers but will leave as friends, you will realise that you’re not alone.

Good Luck!
Sarah x

Dear Attendee,
I know you might be feeling nervous, I did too. But please try not to worry, by the end of HOPE I’m sure you will be feeling less depressed, anxious and much more positive and confident, and you will enjoy the social side with like-minded people.

Have faith,

Dear Attendee,
Welcome to HOPE. The HOPE Course is a journey with a group of other people. Our group started off really quietly on the first week, but as we got to know each other, we opened up and became friends.

It is a safe place where you can be you, it is a place to laugh, a place to cry and to be yourself, with people often with similar issues, willing to understand, listen and share.

The Facilitators are very friendly and are there to guide you on your journey with plenty of useful help and advice.

I hope you get as much out of your journey on this course as I did and to believe in yourself.

Good luck and best wishes,

Dear Attendee,
I know you might be feeling nervous, I did too, but please try not to worry. By the end of this course you will be feeling more confident and the course members are really lovely. We all made new friends – like one big happy family!

Dear Attendee,
Please persevere past the first week. You will feel welcomed, understood and not out of place. Everyone is so helpful and you will feel so much better. You will leave with course with life-long friends and a different perspective on life.

What do I need to bring?

Just bring yourself! Or if you’re a bit nervous about coming on your own, you can always bring a friend (please advise the organiser when you receive joining information).

There’s no dress code, just be comfortable.

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