Joint Assessment Clinic

At the end of six weeks you will stop coming to the assessment group (or when the assessment is complete), there will be a short break (usually about 2-3 weeks). Then we all meet together with yourselves, your consultant paediatrician and often your health visitor to discuss the outcome of the assessment. Each therapist and your nursery nurse involved in the assessment will have written a report. You will receive a copy of all the reports and we welcome your own contribution. They may be other professionals present who are involved in or will be involved in your child’s care.

Having identified your child’s strengths and areas which may need further therapy or help we can formulate a plan with you as to the best course of action to assist your child in achieving their full potential. Some children may have their needs best met in the community with services closer to home or as outpatients, other children may need continued therapy by two or more of our therapists and would benefit from continuing the nursery. If this is the case we would offer you a place in one of our continuing nursery groups on a different day. It may occasionally be necessary to wait a short time until a place becomes available in a suitable group.

We will continue to monitor your child’s progress and may have further joint clinics or wish to change your child’s nursery group periodically to ensure their needs are still being met.

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