Our nursery groups are very small with only up to six children at each session. We have four nursery nurses. On your child’s first nursery day you will be welcomed by one of our nursery nurses who will be working with you throughout the six weeks. She will show you around the unit and do the necessary admission paperwork. She will also measure your child’s weight and height. Much of this session is spent getting to know each other. There will be an opportunity to explore the nursery and other facilities (we also have a water room and a sensory room). Some children may be a little nervous or tired on their first day so if you do not wish to stay for all of the session we will understand.

In the following weeks you will be seen by members of the therapy team. Most of the time, however, is spent within the nursery with the nursery nurses who work very closely with all the therapists carrying out play activities to help in specific areas of your child’s development. Play is very important in the way children progress and learn. The nursery nurses will be looking at how children play and relate to other children and adults through activities, rhymes, sand and water play etc. that is usual for any nursery.

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