Laboratory Medicine

The Directorate of Laboratory Medicine is committed to providing a high quality, safe, efficient and cost-effective service. It is aware of and considers the needs and requirements of its service users. These include patients and staff of Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, Primary Care Trusts, and other agencies within the district.

The scope of the service offered by Laboratory Medicine includes a full analytical and advisory service appropriate for a District General Hospital. More complex or rare investigations will be referred to other appropriate laboratories. The below summarises the services provided by Laboratory Medicine. A scope of the services offered is also available in the Laboratory Medicine’s quality manual; a copy can be provided on request.

In order to ensure that the needs and requirements of service users are met, Laboratory Medicine will operate a quality management system to integrate the organisation, procedure, processes and resources. This will include ensuring all personnel are familiar with the quality management system. Laboratory Medicine always works to the highest quality and monitors this very closely.

The departments within Laboratory Medicine comply with ISO 15189:2012 standards set by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), The Human Tissue Authority (HTA), and The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

All of our labs are located on level 3 of Torbay Hospital (zone A), except Cellular Pathology which is located in Portacabin.

Clinical Biochemistry – UKAS accreditation number: 8915

General enquiries: 01803 655222


  • Complex or specialised tests – referred to specialist laboratories
  • Core Biochemistry – High volume routine tests
  • Drug Analysis – Therapeutic Drugs and Drug of Abuse analysis
  • Endocrinology – Hormone analysis including tumour markers, cardiac markers and haematinics
  • Includes Point of Care Testing (POCT) – Provide tests on: blood glucose, blood gases, ketones, INR, HIV, urinalysis, pregnancy testing
  • Proteins and manual techniques – Including electrophoresis and immunofixation
  • Other routine tests such as HbA1c, blood gases, osmometer, xanthochromia

Microbiology – UKAS accreditation number: 8916

Medical secretaries: 01803 654990


  • Bacteriology: full range provided
  • Molecular testing
  • Mycology: culture and identification only
  • Parasitology: faecal parasites and serology
  • Virology: wide range provided

Haematology – UKAS accreditation number: 8917

Medical secretaries: 01803 655244 / 654597 / 655237


  • Coagulation – Warfarin testing, Coagulation screens, Thrombophilia testing, Bleeding disorder testing.
  • Immunology – Coeliac screening by TTG (referral for confirmation by EA), anticardiolipin antibodies and Intrinsic factor antibodies. All other immunology sent to specialist laboratories.
  • Routine Haematology – Full blood counts, Films, Malaria screening, Glandular fever screening, Plasma viscosities.
  • Special Haematology – G6PD screening, Haemoglobinopathy testing (including Antenatal Screening).

Blood Transfusion – UKAS accreditation number: 8917

General enquiries: 01803 655241


  • Blood Grouping and antibody screening, Antibody identification, Foetal leak testing.
  • Cross-matching blood, Issue of platelets and other blood products. Supply of blood components to satellite fridges in the community hospitals.

Cellular Pathology – UKAS accreditation number: 8914

Medical secretaries: 01803 655214 / 655259


  • Diagnostic Cytology Diagnosis of disease at the cellular level.
  • Histology – Microscopic examination of tissue samples to provide a diagnosis or conformation or absence of disease.

Mortuary Services

General enquiries: 01803 614567


  • Provide the highest standard of care for deceased patients.
  • Provide Post Mortem services to the Coroner for South Devon.