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COVID-19 – Visiting and appointments: Update 5 January 2021

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 4 January 2021, we wanted to reassure you that our maternity service remains fully open. Please continue to attend all planned appointments – we will continue to check you and your baby’s wellbeing and be able to offer support and advice. 

Our visiting approach is not affected by the new national restrictions:

  • One birthing partner will be able to stay during the time on delivery suite. The birth partner can join expectant Mums when they attend for assessment because they are possibly in labour.
  • Birthing partner is able to attend the early scan (undertaken at approximately 12 weeks gestation, also referred to as the dating or screening scan) and the anomaly scan (18-20 weeks gestation) with expectant mothers. 
  • One nominated individual will be allocated a 1 hour time slot each day to see mothers who have given birth in our postnatal ward.

There are a number of things that you can continue to do to support the maternity staff to keep everyone safe: 

  • Please wear a face covering for the duration of any visit or appointment, ensuring your mouth and nose are covered at all times  
  • No children to attend maternity service appointments or clinical areas. 
  • Once your scan is completed, we ask that your partner / supporter leaves the department completely and returns to their car / waits outside of the hospital
  • Please do not return to the designated waiting area as there is only enough space for partners to wait prior to the scan.

Please note that to ensure the best conditions for your scan, you will not be able to photograph, film or take live footage. Ultrasound examinations are time consuming, require great concentration, and any disturbances will reduce the effectiveness of the scan and communication with you.

Please stay safe and we thank you for your continued understanding and support.

The maternity service at Torbay Hospital offers Midwifery Lead and Consultant Lead care for approximately 2,500 women per annum. The service is provided by midwifery teams based in the community giving antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care both at home, children’s centres and in the hospital.

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