Maternity – Delivery

Women’s Health Unit
Level 5
Torbay Hospital
Lowes Bridge
Torquay TQ2 7AA

For all urgent concerns or questions please call the maternity triage phone on 01803 656588.


Delivery Suite / Water Birth Suite

Our unit has seven well-equipped, en-suite rooms for labour and birth. Additional facilities include:

  • A birth pool (see Kingsley Suite)
  • Bath to use for relaxation in labour
  • We also have a bedroom, with en-suite bathroom, adjacent to the Delivery Suite for use in bereavement.

Labour care is initiated by midwives with immediate 24-hour support from medical staff, closely supervised by Consultant staff on call.

Also available are:

  • Whenever possible, our community midwives are available to support home births and Newton Abbot births
  • Dedicated Obstetric theatre
  • 24-hour epidural service
  • 24-hour emergency operating/anaesthetic service for all patients

At your request and where appropriate we try to facilitate early discharge home from delivery suite from 2 hours onwards.

In addition the hospital has a 24 hour snack service for patients.

Kingsley Suite

If you are interested in using the purpose-built pool while in labour please ask your midwife to discuss labour in water and water birth with you. Providing your pregnancy has been without any complications and labour progresses normally you will be able to use the pool. The pool is available on a first-come, first-use basis and if it is occupied when you are in labour you can always use the bath for labour.

Please note that there is also an additional pool available at Newton Abbot.

Induction of labour

Your labour may be started if you are overdue or for medical reasons. We use a 24-hour pessary to induce your labour; this may be followed by breaking the waters and occasionally followed by a hormone drip. If induction is recommended, please discuss any queries with your midwife.

Other types of birth

Sometimes there may be a need for you to have an assisted birth or caesarean section. Should the situation arise where we think that this may be a suitable option for you, we will discuss your options with you so that you can make an informed decision.

Student midwives

We have student midwives from Plymouth University who are based on long-term placements within our Maternity Unit. Training to be a midwife usually takes three years. During this time the students divide their time between studying at university and fulfilling clinical placements.

Plymouth University work closely with the midwives at Torbay Hospital to ensure our students are well supported. Each Student is given a mentor (a registered midwife) who works closely with the student to ensure they are competent, capable, well mannered and professional at all times. All of our students are always supervised by a registered midwife who is directly responsible for the care the student is providing.

Telephone enquiries

Please discourage family/friends from phoning the delivery suite as due to confidentiality reasons we are unable to give any information out over the telephone.

Please call our maternity triage phone number for all urgent concerns regarding your pregnancy or labour (01803 656588). For non-urgent enquiries please contact your community team.

Support videos

We have produced a number of support videos, which you can view in our video library.