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Nutrition and COVID-19

For general advice about COVID-19 and nutrition please see the BDA advice for the general public.

For a brief guide for older adults to keep well when social distancing, see the information poster: Helping Older Adults Cope Well – COVID-19.

BDA poster on store cupboard ideas to support older adults in the community.

For information on good nutrition during or after COVID illness, please use the COVID-19 Illness Resource Finder.

Information about malnutrition

Social distancing is a risk factor for malnutrition and dehydration. If you or someone you care for is not eating and drinking normally, and/or unintentionally losing weight they may be at risk of malnutrition. There are various ways this can be checked:

Use the self-screening tool if a set of weighing scales is available and safe to use.

Alternatively complete the Patients Association nutrition checklist.


Advice for patients at risk of malnutrition

Somerset NHS Dietitians have developed a free patient webinar for malnutrition

Managing Malnutrition

Listen to Specialist NHS Dietitians, Lesley Harper and Leah Seamark, giving valuable advice on how to identify if you may be at risk of malnutrition and tips of making simple dietary changes to improve your nutrition and health.

Access to food

Details of Community Support Groups from Devon County Council. Many provide support with food shopping/delivery.

People who have been told that they are extremely vulnerable by the NHS or their GP may not have anyone to help them get food and household essentials while they are staying at home. These people can register on the government website or call 0800 0288327. The government will arrange free weekly delivery of food direct to their doorstep. Further information can be found on Devon County Council. Many supermarkets are also prioritising food delivery those who are extremely vulnerable.

Information on Meal delivery services (pre COVID-19) so availability may vary.

If you or someone you care for is concerned about unintentional weight loss, please contact your GP or other Healthcare professional for further advice.

Support videos

As part of our care and treatment programmes, we have prepared some videos that will support people who face challenges with eating, diet and nutrition because of the effects of another condition.