Dietetics is one of the three specialist elements that you will learn about during the programme. We understand how difficult it can be to manage weight and how it is different for everyone. We will support you to make changes around your diet to help you work around the things that make weight loss hard for you.

We will cover many subjects about food and drink throughout the six month programme. You will pick up some new skills to help you with managing your weight and we will share useful tools that you will be able to use to keep yourself on track.

In community group programmes you will have the option to be weighed with us in a private room every two weeks. Your weight remains confidential and you will receive personal support from us throughout the programme.

How to be referred to the programme


What some of our service users have found useful about the dietetic part of the programme:

“Finding out using certain things like using spray oils for cooking and cooking food in a certain way.”
“All of it was useful even the parts that I already knew as it was good to reinforce that knowledge.”
“Food labelling, eating out and take-aways.”
“It was good to learn about portion sizes.”
“I liked being weighed privately and being able to speak to the dietitian on my own.”
“Learning the different ways to keep a food diary.”

Useful resources