Pain Service

Pain Management Offices
Chapel Corridor
Level 4 (Blue Zone)
Torbay Hospital
Lowes Bridge
Torquay TQ2 7AA

Tel: 01803 654590 / 654251

About the team

The Chronic Pain Team comprises of The Pain Clinic and The Pain Rehabilitation Team. We work together with patients to help manage the effects of on-going pain.

Some patients will have good pain relief from medications or injections. For others these will be less helpful.

For everyone, our focus will be on tailoring the treatment to suit the individual and providing help and support to improve quality of life.


Pain Rehab Team

The team specialise in helping people to manage their long-term pain. We offer advice about ways to improve your general health, wellbeing, sleep, and mobility. It is safe to exercise with a long-term health condition, and it is possible to increase your physical abilities despite pain. We offer one-to-one guidance on how to get started with a gentle exercise programme, and how to make changes to your current lifestyle. We can also signpost you to activities you might enjoy in your local area.



The Pain Consultants are doctors who specialise in managing problem pain. An important part of their role is to make sure that any health problems that could be contributing to your pain problem have been identified. You may be offered investigations such as blood tests, X-rays, scans etc.
They will help you to understand your pain problem and suggest ways to manage it. These may include medications or injections. They work closely with the wider pain team and may also consider a referral to other members of the team.
All of these options would be discussed with you first.



The nurses work with you to develop a personal pain management plan that helps you achieve your aims. This includes finding out about your pain, reviewing your current strategies and giving advice on medications.
They also offer on loan (‘try before you buy’) TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) equipment, and can introduce you to helpful books, CDs and websites.

Photography kindly provided by Lorraine Jury.