Patient feedback

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"Helped to understand pain and to know I'm not alone."

Please help us to continue to improve the Pain Service. You can be reassured that your responses will remain confidential and anonymous. We are interested in your honest opinions, whether they are positive or negative. In particular, we welcome your comments and suggestions about some of the web based resources we are currently developing.

Patient involvement

The Pain Service is continually developing the way we work and the resources we use to better meet the needs of patients. It is helpful to draw on the experiences of patients to inform the quality and standard of care for the future. Therefore, we invite patients to contribute to the Pain Service as part of our Patient Involvement initiative. There are a variety of ways that patients can become involved such as the following:

  • giving accounts of their expectations and experiences of our service for the benefit of new patients
  • providing feedback on our written, audio and online resources
  • joining us to teach other professionals about chronic pain

Patient surveys

We have recently completed a survey using the CARE questionnaire to gather your views about the Pain service. Our overall highest scoring question across the survey was whether the clinician was ‘making you feel at ease’ with 97.6% of patients agreeing with this statement.

The lowest scoring question across the survey was whether the clinician was ‘helping you to take control’, with 95.0% of patients agreeing with this statement.

Action taken in response to patient feedback

We have made a number of changes to the way we do things as a direct result of patient feedback. These include:

  • making sure patient information leaflets are given out prior to attending an appointment with the pain psychology and pain physiotherapy services, so that patients know what to expect
  • listening to patients and giving them the opportunity to ask questions at all appointments
  • enabling more flexible appointment times for some clinics for patients who may struggle to get to us during daytime hours due to work commitments
  • running ‘Open gym access’ sessions for patients wanting a bit more support with us prior to starting exercise and activity groups in the local community
  • developing video clips for the web pages and working towards producing a DVD ‘Get tai chi’ for beginners

Patient comments about the service

“I’ve gone from doom and gloom to hope in one small step.”

“I feel positive that I am not just sitting but moving and doing something positive.”

“Helped to understand pain and to know I’m not alone.”

“I am still making the mistake of pushing through the pain and making things worse.”

“Explanation of how to do each exercise and possible adaptations was very helpful.”

“It gave me a number of “tools” and mechanisms for coping with me pain and my attitude to pain. The strategies have definitely helped.”

“Tai Chi was very good and relaxing.”

“It was especially helpful to realise that changes I had made regarding getting up at a regular time are part of why I am feeling so much more energised. I have been using Tai Chi + abdominal breathing for relaxation. Thank you :)”

“You have helped me to understand what I can do, to help me day to day of living. Have met some lovely people in this group. It does help, to know these are other people like me, struggling in life, with pain.”

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