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ReConnect2Life is an interactive programme to help you look at your pain and how it affects you. It consists of a number of different modules which can be completed in any order you please. Are you:

  • Not sure what to do about your pain?
  • Feeling irritable and snappy?
  • Worried and upset?
  • Want to get more out of your life?
  • Want to be more active and live a healthier life?
  • Having problems with your sleep?
  • Feeling exhausted and fatigued during the day?

Then ReConnect2Life might be just the thing for you!

The team can work with you on an individual basis or as part of a group, depending on your needs and what suits you best.

Using ReConnect2Life

There are six programme modules. They are presented in the order that we feel is helpful for you to follow. We suggest you follow the steps one by one, but you can choose to miss some if they are not relevant to you. Click onto the wheel for each of modules’ details.