ReACTiv8 is an 8-week short course for people with long term pain wanting to increase activity and exercise in a gentle and progressive way.

The group covers a series of exercises that can be modified and adapted to suit individual needs. The aim of the ReACTiv8 short course is to improve confidence and ability to exercise and move.

The group is currently being run virtually by a Physical Activity Specialist and a Specialist Pain Physiotherapist from the Pain Rehabilitation Team. The video clips and activity diaries below are designed to help support and guide you through the various exercises covered during the course.

Prior to attending the group, you will be invited to a virtual meet and greet session, this will be an opportunity to meet the team other people taking part in the group, and ask any questions you may have.

The ReACTiv8 short course will be a new experience for each person involved and by taking part you will be learning a new skill to help you become more active through regular exercise alongside your pain.

For more information, see our ReACTiv8 course outline.

ReACTiv8 videos

Guided seated exercises

Seated warm up

Guided Seated Warm Up

Guided Seated Exercises

Low intensity exercises

Low intensity warm up

Low intensity workout

Medium intensity exercises

Medium intensity warm up

Medium intensity workout

High intensity exercises

High Intensity (music:

Supporting information