Tai Chi

Tai Chi comprises a series of postures linked by slow, graceful movements and accompanied by breathing techniques that focus the concentration. It is performed in a sequence that is described as being designed to restore and enhance the flow of chi, or ‘vital energy’. It is also described as exercising the mind, body and spirit to help improve health and wellbeing.

Research suggests there are numerous benefits from Tai Chi practice. These include; improved balance and falls prevention, increased flexibility, improved cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength, pain reduction, stress reduction, relaxation, enhanced emotional wellbeing and positive mental state, increased energy levels, improved immune function and improved quality of life (Wang, Collet and Lau, 2004).

Tai Chi is being used more within Pain Management services across the country. It is a safe approach to exercise and can result in a sense of relaxation and tranquillity, both of which can help to reduce the suffering experienced in chronic pain conditions. Further information can be found in our Tai Chi leaflet.


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