Torbay Shoulder Exercise Programme

Through a series of videos, the Torbay Shoulder Exercise Programme will help you to regain shoulder function after injury or an operation.

Your recovery will be in three stages.

  • The first stage will be aimed at protecting your surgical repair or injury by keeping your movements within a safe range. During this stage, your movements should not go above shoulder height in any direction.

  • In the second stage, the focus will be on stretching the scar tissues gently and to increase the movement above shoulder height or as guided by your therapist.

  • In the third stage, in addition to improving your flexibility, the focus will shift gradually to regaining your strength by using resistance or weights.

The videos are designed to supplement your physiotherapy treatment. Following assessment, your physiotherapist will advise which stage is most suitable for you and may alter the frequency and repetitions to suit your individual needs. Further progression may be made as you improve and will be agreed between you and your therapist.

An introduction to the Torbay Shoulder Exercise Programme

1. Overview of the Shoulder Exercise Programme and precautions and limits

2. How to fit your sling with and without body belt

3. Hygiene, dressing, dressing, sleeping and sitting with your shoulder problem

4. Pendular exercises, and elbow, wrist and hand exercises

Stage 1 exercises

Flexion stage 1

Abduction stage 1

Rotation stage 1

Stage 2 exercises

Flexion stage 2

Abduction stage 2

Rotation stage 2

Stage 3 exercises

Flexion stage 3

Abduction stage 3

Rotation stage 3

Torbay Massive Cuff Tear exercises

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