The Chapel and the Quiet Room

Places of sanctuary and peace can be especially important in a busy hospital and at stressful times.

The Chapel

There is a traditional Christian Chapel at Torbay Hospital situated in the Blue Zone near to Oncology. All are welcome to use it as a place of quietness, peace and prayer, whatever your own belief.

Prayers are said in the Chapel at 9am on every weekday, and there is a communion service every Sunday at 10am, to which all are welcome. Roman Catholic Mass is celebrated every Friday at 9:15am; Please see the Chapel notice board for any variations.

The Quiet Room

There is also a Quiet Room nearby for those who prefer a room without Christian symbols, which has a supply of religious texts and scriptures from the Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim faiths. Both the Chapel and the Quiet Room are open 24 hours a day.

Friday Prayers from the Muslim faith are held in the Quiet Room, please check for times.

Monthly prayer plan

During our regular weekday prayers we remember the work of the hospital and all those who have requested prayer.

Special service dates

Special services are held throughout the year for religious festivals and important occasions. These include Carol Services at Christmas, memorial services for members of staff and services for the League of Friends and the Nurses League.