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Research and Development Department
Horizon Centre
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About Research and Development

The NHS is committed to offering patients the opportunity to take part in research to ensure that current treatments and practices are the best they can be.

Research and clinical trials are a key tool for advancing medical knowledge and patient care and can take many forms. Some of the types of research we offer are

  • Testing new treatments and medications
  • New devices such as an orthopaedic ankle boot
  • New ways of working

Whatever we research, it is always about making a difference to the lives of real people.

Research is integral to everything we do and provides us with the evidence to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients. It helps us to raise our standards and leads to better outcomes for our patients.

Within our organisation there is a team of dedicated research staff who help doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to provide research as part of patient care.

Research is conducted across a range of diseases and conditions within Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. We currently have over 200 studies being carried out at this Trust with around 100 studies still needing more recruits.

Find out more information about the research opportunities and clinical trials we currently have available.

Our clinical research relies on our patients and healthy volunteers – Find out how you can take part.