In order to ensure we provide the best service to our patients, we have to meet various targets. Our targets help us to understand how well we are working and whether our research performance is improving.

2022/2023 in a nutshell…

  • 2,617 participants recruited into all research studies and clinical trials
  • 2,451 participants recruited into NIHR adopted research studies and clinical trials
  • 75 different studies actively recruited across 20 different specialities
  • 53 new studies approved including 7 new commercial studies

The Government wants to see a clear and continued improvement in the performance of setting up and delivering research in the NHS. This is required in order to increase the number of patients who have the opportunity to participate in research and to ensure that the nation remains attractive as a host for research.

In March 2011 the Government released their Plan for Growth, which explained the Government’s plan to improve efficiency and delivery of health research at a local level. In response to this the Trust has to report its performance in setting up and delivering research.

For more information regarding the Governments Plan for Growth is available through the NIHR website.