How we can help

When you bring your child for assessment, we will put some toys out for them to play with whilst we chat to you about your concerns. We find out as much as possible about their development, how they communicate and how they play and interact with you.

We will then go on to play with your child and begin to find out more about:

  • Their attention and listening skills
  • What words they understand and what they respond to
  • How they communicate
  • The speech sounds they use and how they use them
  • What they communicate about and why

We may make a follow up appointment if we need to complete more in-depth assessments and/or to see your child in another setting e.g. preschool.

Once we have completed our assessment, we can then begin to answer your main questions:

  • Where is my child in relation to typical development?
  • What’s going on and why?
  • How can I help?

This is summarised in a report, which we share with your GP, Health Visitor/School Nurse.

If we feel your child needs direct help from our service, we will talk to you about the treatment options.

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