How it’s made a difference

Read four stories by the people who have used the Wellbeing Co-ordinators Service.

Photo: David

David’s story

“It’s wonderful, really. I get on so well with the girls, we have a real laugh when we go out walking and that is what it’s all about really, isn’t it. I look forward to it. And the music afternoons are a good way to spend time. I enjoy it even though I have to work harder than everyone else to remember the words because I can’t read the song sheets. Hugh the band leader is great, he keeps me on my toes!”

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Photo: Juliette

Juliette’s story

“The programme has changed my life. You have to do things to help yourself, but Jane has helped me open the door… and now I’m learning to use computers to find information I want. I don’t see my GP as much as I used to and I cope better with my pain. I’m still in pain at times, but I have a world I can go out and enjoy and I focus on that .People often ask me if I am ever at home these days!”

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Photo: June

June’s story

“Wellbeing Torbay supported me in finding a new social life after losing my husband of 57 years and moving back to this country. I now have a new and active social life and look forward to time with the lunch bunch and socialising.”

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Photo: Mary

Mary’s story

“Wellbeing South Devon has helped me connect with the things I enjoy and to be hopeful about my life after a fantastic 54 years with Bob. I look forward to meeting with friends. I’m now looking into volunteering and doing an IT course at the local library so I can get online.”

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