Juliette’s story

Juliette's story

Juliette was referred to the programme by her Occupational Therapist, supported by her GP. What mattered to Juliette was gaining purpose in her life, giving something back to society and finding connection with people she felt she had lost touch with so she could make the most of life. Juliette says she enjoyed the well-being programme, although initially she admits she was sceptical as to how it would actually benefit her and her situation.

By talking with Jane, her Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Juliette started to understand the programme was centred on her wishes, what mattered to her and not driven by health professional opinions, assessments and diagnosis.

Over time, Juliette identified managing her pain was a key issue and started to implement her own methods of coping and became more determined to live her life to the best of her abilities.

Juliette revisited her interests and hobbies and explored ways in which she felt she could improve her sense of well-being and confidence. She went with her Wellbeing Co-ordinator to take a trip to a local Tai Chi class which was not her ‘cup of tea’. But Juliette didn’t give up, she found an alternative class further afield and goes on two buses each week to get there and she loves it.

She has set and achieved goals to be more active and get out more to reconnect with people; do computer training to gain confidence; go to creative writing classes to express herself and take steps to downsize to live closer to amenities.

Juliette says “The programme has changed my life. You have to do things to help yourself, but Jane has helped me open the door…and now I’m learning to use computers to find information I want. I don’t see my GP as much as I used to and I cope better with my pain. I’m still in pain at times, but I have a world I can go out and enjoy and I focus on that .People often ask me if I am ever at home these days!

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