Bedside TV & phone service

The Torbay Hospital Bedside TV & Phone Service is simple to use

This bedside touch screen system is where patients can make and receive phone calls, send text messages, watch TV and interactive movies, surf the internet, listen to the radio and play games. They can also watch hospital information videos and read important information about their stay.

The Bedside TV & Phone Service costs nothing to explore. By simply touching the screen patients can explore the system at no cost, discovering how to use the phone and TV by watching the on-screen help videos and finding out about all the services that are on offer.

The service has been installed as part of the Government’s NHS reform plan, and at no cost to the NHS.

Bedside TV number

Dial: 0700 6400 159

Personal bedside phone

Each bedside phone has a unique four digit phone extension number – so if a patient gives their personal bedside telephone number (07006 400 159) plus their extension number to friends and family, they will be able to receive incoming calls direct to their bedside. Patients do not need a TV & Phone Pay Card to receive incoming calls.

Outgoing calls are charged at similar rates to a payphone – from just 10p per minute*.

Incoming calls are charged from 50p per minute (calling party pays).


Our TV offering consists of a wide selection of digital TV channels including BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, C4, C5. There are Free TV Previews for patients to see what is on offer, as well as Free TV Periods each day for the patient, compliments of Premier Bedside. As well as offering a Secure Internet Service to patients, we have the latest interactive blockbuster movies from United International Pictures, which allow a patient to pause, fast forward and rewind a movie at any time, should they need to leave their bed or chat with hospital staff. So they’ll never miss a moment.

Bedside TV

Bedside TV

Paying for a service

If patients wish to use one of our paid services they will require a TV & Phone Card. These are available from one of the many vending machines located around the hospital. Patients can also pay by credit or debit card by pressing the ‘operator’ button. Patients are always given a charge warning on the screen and an option to accept or decline before paying for any service.

Free services such as some TV Channels, all Radio Channels and all Hospital Information Channels do not require a TV & Phone Pay Card.

Instructions & Tariff

Full instructions on how to use the TV & Phone Service, and our pricing tariff, can be found by simply pressing the ‘Information Centre’ button on the Bedside unit.


We have a team of friendly, dedicated staff, who are on hand 365 days a year to assist patients in getting the most out of the TV & Phone service. If a patient requires help using the system, they simply pick up their phone, press the ‘operator’ button and to talk to one of our advisors.

*Local and national calls. Calls to mobiles and other networks may be higher.

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