Ringing the wards

If possible, please arrange for only your next of kin to ring the ward and then pass any appropriate information on to others. It is helpful if phone calls to the ward can be made avoiding meal times as staff are particularly busy at this time.

To protect your confidentiality, only limited information will be given to anyone calling the ward by telephone.

For further information concerning the Trust’s Data Protection Policy view the online information or contact the Data Protection Officer on 01803 654507.

The main switchboard number is 0300 456 8000 (local rate) or 01803 614567.

Instead of friends and family calling in, you can ring them. You can ask to use a coin-operated trolley phone.

Mobile phones

We ask everyone to switch off their mobile phone when they enter the hospital building as they can be very intrusive in public areas. In most parts of the hospital, mobile phone use is restricted, for example on the wards. You can, however, use you mobile phone in a designated area away from other patients – but please check with staff first.

Ringing a patient

All wards have moveable pay phones for patients to use, but these phones do not accept incoming calls.