Parents information

Visiting your child

You are always welcome, and one parent is encouraged to stay with their child as much as is possible. If you are resident with your child but are going to leave the ward, it is important to let the nurse looking after your child know when you are going and for how long.

When you are with your child you can help by giving them all of their normal daily care which you would normally do at home i.e. washing, feeding, playing and comforting. Please ask your Named Nurse how you can best help your child.

There is a ward kitchen available for resident parents and carers who are unable to leave the ward to make hot drinks. There is a canteen available for all other visitors. Drinks should be consumed in the kitchen, as it is potentially dangerous to walk around the ward with hot drinks. Babies’ feeds or child’s food should not be prepared in this kitchen. All pregnant and breast feeding mothers will be offered meals.

Bringing children to visit

A maximum of three visitors will be able to visit each patient at any time (including children). The aim of this policy is to reduce the likelihood to children of either acquiring or bringing infections into the hospital environment. It is not advisable for babies to visit and the only exceptions should be if either parent is the patient. In all cases advice should always be sought from the Ward Manager.

Children under 5 years will be limited to 30 minutes visiting, and children aged 5 years and over will be limited to a maximum of one hour.

Be responsible and in control of your children if they are visiting.

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Torbay Maternity Unit has undergone review of its security and visiting arrangements in liaison with Mothers using the Unit and these visiting times are listed below:

Fathers may visit at any time up until 9.30pm, except between 12 noon and 2pm when the ward is closed for the Mothers to have their lunch and rest period.

Grandparents may visit at any time up until 9.30pm, except between 12 noon and 2pm when the ward is closed as above, and 8.30pm to 9.30pm which is for fathers only.

General visiting is 2pm to 4.30pm; and 7.30pm to 8.30pm.

No children under the age of 16 years may visit at any time, with the exception of the mothers own children who must be accompanied by an adult.


There is a playroom available for all children on the Children Wards – please ask for further information. However, please note that all children playing in the room must be supervised by their carers/parents at all times. No food or drink should be consumed in the Playroom.

Overnight stays

Accommodation is limited and we cannot guarantee to offer you a room when your child is in hospital. Priority is given to those who have children in the Intensive Care Unit, those who have travelled a long distance or breast feeding mothers.

However parents and carers can stay with their child on the ward, and on each ward there are specific facilities for parents as well as the general hospital facilities.

For further information please contact the ward where your child is being admitted.

Safeguarding children

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust has assessed itself as compliant against the Care Quality Commission core standards covering aspects of Safeguarding Children (C2).

Further assurance around these processes has been gathered in light of the recent high profile case of Baby Peter and subsequent national publications.

As a minimum we can confirm that:

  • We meet the statutory requirement with regard to the carrying out of Criminal Records Bureau checks;
  • Our child protection policies and systems are up to date and robust, including a process for following up children who miss outpatient appointments and a system for flagging children for whom there are safeguarding concerns;
  • All eligible staff have received the essential Level 1 awareness and training has been strengthened for other staff requiring Level 2 and Level 3;
  • Named professionals are clear about their roles and have an annual appraisal to review the delivery of the role;
  • The Director of Nursing and Governance is the Board Lead for Safeguarding and an Annual Report to the Board identifies the audit programme completed, achievements delivered, and ongoing risks in this important and high profile area.

The Trust acknowledges the importance of providing safe services for children and young people and the Board is regularly appraised of the work ongoing in this area.