Maternity Unit visiting times

Torbay Maternity Unit has undergone review of its security and visiting arrangements in liaison with mothers using the unit and these visiting times are listed below:

Delivery Suite

You will only be able to have a maximum of 2 birth supporters with you during your time on delivery suite (no swapping). No other visitors will be allowed on Delivery Suite.

John MacPherson Ward

One adult and own children visiting times: 9am to 8pm

Two further adults may attend 2pm to 8pm. We politely ask that there is a maximum of three people (including children) at bedside at any one time. All visitors must report to the Postnatal Reception and give the name of the person they are visiting.

People being induced may have one person with them at all times, including overnight.

Please note, no other visitors under the age of 16 are allowed on the ward, other than the mother’s own children.

Special Care Baby Unit

Visiting times: parents and siblings can access the unit at any time, every day.

Other immediate family members can visit for a maximum of one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.

Please note: a maximum of 3 people per baby at any one time. This is subject to change, when the unit is busy.

More information

For reasons of confidentiality, no patient information will be given over the telephone. Please discourage telephone enquiries from friends and family.

Thank you for your co-operation with this matter. Please note that the hospital has a No Smoking policy which operates throughout all hospital areas, including the grounds.