Maternity Unit visiting times

Torbay Maternity Unit has undergone review of its security and visiting arrangements in liaison with mothers using the unit and these visiting times are listed below:

Delivery Suite

You will only be able to have a maximum of 2 birth supporters with you during your time on delivery suite (no swapping).
No other visitors will be allowed on Delivery Suite.

John MacPherson Ward

Father/Partner: 24 hours

Own children: 9am – 12 noon and 2.30pm – 9pm

Lunch time/Rest period

12 noon – 2.30pm (We politely request that all children leave at this time)

General visiting

5pm – 8pm (Due to limited space we request a maximum of 3 visitors per bedside

Please note, no other visitors under 16 are allowed on the ward, other than the mother’s own children.

All visitors must report to the Postnatal Reception and give the name of the person they are visiting. They will also be requested to sign in the visitors book and on leaving the unit, to sign out. A maximum of 3 visitors at any one time per mother is recommended.

For reasons of confidentiality, no patient information will be given over the telephone. Please discourage telephone enquiries from friends and family.

Thank you for your co-operation with this matter. Please note that the hospital has a No Smoking policy which operates throughout all hospital areas, including the grounds.

Information for partners staying in the maternity unit at Torbay Hospital

We welcome a partner/companion to stay overnight on John MacPherson Ward so that you can take part in caring for mother and baby. We recognise that this helps with family bonding and reduces anxiety and stress among mothers. The decision to stay is entirely up to you but would recommend that if you are overtired or have existing health problems, that you do not stay overnight.

Due to Health and Safety considerations, only one adult family member or partner may stay overnight on the maternity unit at any one time. This will be for partners following the birth of the baby and for partners of women admitted for Induction of Labour.

However please:

  • Ensure you wash your hands regularly and use the alcohol gel provided. If you are unwell we ask that you do not stay to reduce the risk of cross infection to other mothers and babies.
  • Respect the privacy and dignity of other mothers and babies staying on the maternity unit and please do not wander around the ward overnight. A chair will be provided for your use but we are unable to provide a bed or bedding.
  • Dress appropriately and fully at all times and do not bed-share with your partner as our beds are not designed or safe for two people.
  • Keep noise and light to a minimum (especially at night) so that new mothers can get as much rest as possible. Please ensure that all mobile telephones are switched off or on silent between the hours of 9pm and 8am.
  • If you are a smoker and cannot go without smoking overnight it is advised that you do not stay as you will not be let out of the ward for cigarettes.
  • You are welcome to use the designated toilet facility located within the Special Care Baby Unit overnight, but you will have to go home to have a wash or a shower. We can only supply tea and coffee until 9pm, other refreshments and meals will need to be supplied by yourself.
  • Note that parking on the hospital grounds overnight is not free.

However, staying overnight should be discussed with your partners midwife as there may be circumstances where this may not be appropriate.

The Trust operates a zero tolerance policy on abuse towards staff or patients. Please respect this and allow staff to give appropriate care at all times. If you are asked to leave, please do so immediately and kindly note that in exceptional/ emergency situations the overnight stay privileges may have to be withdrawn.

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