People in Torbay and South Devon are now benefiting from increased MRI and CT provision at the Nightingale Hospital Exeter

Nightingale Hospital MRI CT scans

Published: 19 January 2022

We are pleased to share that people in our area waiting for CT and MRI scans are now benefitting from the increased provision available at Nightingale Hospital Exeter. This is part of our ongoing work with our system partners to reduce waiting times.

Like all NHS Trusts across the South West region and nationally, we have been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and waiting lists have grown considerably, meaning that people are having to wait longer to be seen. Our dedicated staff are working extremely hard to see as many people as they can and continue to provide a high quality, safe service.

We continue to provide diagnostic imaging onsite at Torbay Hospital and also through our mobile CT and MRI scanners which regularly visit Newton Abbot. However, without people using the scanners available in Exeter, we will not be able to provide the imaging services we need to and people will have to wait longer to be seen.

Dr Lesley Archer, Clinical Service Lead for Radiology, said: “We strongly encourage everyone who is offered a scan at the Nightingale Hospital to consider this carefully and attend there if they are able to do so.

“We know that when people are referred for CT or MRI scans they are understandably worried and anxious about what the outcome might be. The faster we can provide access to these scans, the sooner the results will be available to your clinicians who will then provide a diagnosis and/or reassurance as quickly as possible.

“If you are offered a scan at the Nightingale Hospital Exeter, please do accept it unless it is really impossible for you to get there. There is free parking on site and you will receive the same high standard of care during your appointment as you would receive here in Torbay and South Devon.”