Additional ultrasound scan provision for Torbay and South Devon residents

Published: 28 March 2023

To reduce delays, support people as quickly as possible and meet the current demand for our ultrasound services, we will be working with a local ultrasound provider (Korus Health) to provide additional appointments.

Korus Health already provide scanning services in our area and some of you have may have used their services already. For scans that Korus Health provide, our Radiology department will forward referrals to them and they will manage the process. You will be contacted by them directly to arrange an appointment at a community clinic.

The scan results will still be sent back to your GP, and will also be available to clinical teams at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust if required in the same way they are at the moment.

The service offered by Korus Health is of the same high standards of skill and professionalism as provided in our own department. We strongly encourage people to take up these opportunities, as these appointments will ensure you are seen as quickly as possible and help us reduce our waiting lists.