New theatres – changes to access to Heart and Lung and reopening of our Outpatient entrance

Published: 5 July 2023

At Torbay Hospital, we are ready to start building two new theatres outside our Heart and Lung Department.

Two modular theatres will be built, as well as preoperative assessment and recovery rooms. This means we will be able to care for 4,500 more people each year, reducing the time that people have to wait for day surgery and improving their experience and outcomes.

We are expecting Nevada (the appointed contractors) to be on site from Saturday 8 July and anticipate the building works will last until February 2024.

We are aware that the works will create some disruption for staff and our patients.

The theatre construction will change the way we access Outpatient and Heart and Lung services. The new entrance to access Outpatients reception including Heart and Lung will be alongside our Acute Medical Unit (AMU).

New signage will be in place to help with directions. Our volunteer Wayfinders will be on hand to assist you with directions – look out for their blue t-shirts.

The video above shows the new entry point and the services affected can be seen in the table below.

Department / locationNew entry point
Ophthalmology, Level 2 Outpatients services and MAATNew Outpatient reception next to our Acute Medical Unit (AMU) entrance
Heart and LungTemporarily (around 6 months) accessed via our new Outpatient reception.