Children’s day cases

Information for children and their carers

We look after a lot of children in the Day Surgery Unit. In an average year, 1,000 children undergo some form of surgery here, avoiding a night in hospital.

It is important to help to prepare children for their visit to hospital, so we have provided links to leaflets and videos giving information about children’s anaesthetics from the Royal College of Anaesthetists for parents and carers.


This is an excellent, detailed leaflet from the Royal College of Anaesthetists explaining your child’s anaesthetic.

Leaflets to share with your child

My day case operation – an easy read

The leaflet is designed to assist with the preparation and management of children attending for day surgery who have learning disabilities or language and communication difficulty.

This leaflet was originally prepared by individual anaesthetists at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust for the use of patients in their own hospital. Torbay has not been directly involved in its production. However, it has been recognised by the College as useful for wider distribution.

Videos to share with your child

A little deep sleep

A little deep sleep – a family guide to anaesthetics‘ aims to ease anxieties children may have about anaesthetics, giving them a clear idea about what might happen during a family’s hospital visit. It takes the viewer on an authentic journey from entering hospital to going home, including undergoing anaesthetic and waking up after surgery.

Royal College of Anaesthetists*

Reece bear has an anaesthetic (younger children)

Quizzing an anaesthetist for children aged 8-11

Anaesthesia – what do I need to know?

*The Royal College of Anaesthetists considers the content is useful for children who are expecting to have an anaesthetic, and their parents or carers. Torbay Hospital has not been directly involved in the production of any of these films, and as such, we cannot formally endorse them. However, the Professional Standards Advisory Group and the Lay Committee of the Royal College believe the films are useful and informative. It should be noted that the films do not show Torbay hospital itself. Other hospitals will vary in the environment, the arrangements for admission and the uniforms of staff. In particular, you must follow instructions about when to stop eating and drinking as given by Torbay.

Videos for parents and carers

You may find these videos useful to to help you prepare your child for their visit to the Day Surgery Unit.

Getting ready for your child’s operation – our top 6 tips

Helping your child prepare for an operation

Helping your teenager prepare for an operation

Time for your child’s operation

Your child’s anaesthetic

Helping your child recover from their operation