Birth Afterthoughts

We hope that your birth was a positive experience, however for some people labour and birth can be very difficult, possibly causing anxiety, sadness and even post traumatic symptoms.

There are many reasons why a woman or service user may find a birth traumatic. It may have been a difficult birth with complications or one that was different to your expectations. You may have unanswered questions, unresolved feelings or memories that are troubling you.

People experience trauma for very different reasons and everyone’s individual experiences are valid.

Birth Afterthoughts is a midwife led service, where you can talk through your birth experience, reflect on what happened and have questions answered. To hopefully reduce any negative impacts that your memories are causing.

The clinic is open to all women and service users who have given birth, whilst under the care of Torbay Hospital. Or are currently under the care of Torbay Maternity.

You may bring a birth partner to the session if you choose.

We don’t recommend attending a session until at least 6 weeks postnatally, to allow normal, postnatal psychological changes to occur. There is then no time limit to the service and is available if you are pregnant or thinking about a future pregnancy.

Please contact us using the referral form below to provide us with more insight about your needs and hopes in accessing the service.

Whilst Birth Afterthoughts is not a complaints service, it can signpost those who may wish to make a complaint.

Appointments are held at Torbay Hospital, close to but not in Antenatal Clinic. If you feel it may be difficult or upsetting to have the appointment in the hospital please let us know.

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